At a time when children are losing interest in books, and getting over attached to electronic gadgets. At a time when the only model you can find for your children is a non- existent superhero with a funny costume and who is being violent and praised for it. Even the cartoons that are available for your child at kid’s only channels are too violent, useless or even non-ethical.

I decided to put years of experience on working with children both as a teacher and a child psychiatrist into a series of story books that can guide every mom and dad along their parenting route.

These books will stand by you on the first day of preschool, feeding properly, making friends and even having a baby brother or sister.

The books will also be planned to install a strong independent character that will allow your child to grow confident and self-asserting with high social skills and a positive attitude.

A general piece of advice is to always ask open-ended questions and allow the children to have their own ideas instead of giving them our own thoughts and ideas, which limits their creative ability.

Dr.Mona Youssri