Mock School Interview is a demo interview that we do for the children going to schools to give them a chance to experience what a school interview is like before the time of the real one.

In CLC, we are already covering a wide range of skills that are being tested in schools admission assessments. Every school is different of course in the way they assess. Some schools focus only on skills and knowledge of the age related topics, such as the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc… Other schools focus on conversational fluency. Most CLCians do well in these interviews. However, some children take a while during the interview itself to let loose and start speaking. This however is the job of the interviewer, to make the child comfortable.

We want our children to be prepared for these assessments, not simply by knowing such things as the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc… but by also preparing them for the actual process of an interview.

Our Mock Interview covers Socio Emotional development, colors, shapes, numeracy Skills, Understanding same and Different, Size Identification, Literacy Skills, beginning writing skills, problem solving & logical reasoning.

Children are taken out one by one from the class, and are assessed in another room with a teacher they are not familiar with.

After the assessment, the parents receive a report about their child’s academic, skills and social levels.

This service is also available for outsiders!