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Dear potential CLCian Buddies,

CLC Educational Group is a unique chain of preschools that are located in Maadi, New Cairo and 6th of October City and are Child Psychology based, Reggio inspired, educational and committed to maintain the framework of high psychological and educational standards of professional service and conduct toward children, colleagues and professional union. Also, it is the policy of CLC to employ highly qualified candidates who support the CLC program in pursuit of such high standards.

CLC Educational Group has finally decided to open its doors to cooperative marketing opportunities with organizations that have previously dealt with CLC during its 11 previous years of success and excellence whether in the form of corporate offers, internal or external events sponsorship.

Collaborative marketing with CLC ensures that our potential partners (CLCian Buddies) will get direct exposure to our hundreds of CLCian families that live and work in the three most highly ranked areas in Cairo.

This proposal has been developed to offer different routes of marketing alliances that ensure a win-win-win situation not only to both partnering organizations but also to their customers as well as exchanging marketing channels for mutual benefit.

The objectives of this program is to build-up/strengthen customer traffic by implementing joint communication measures, provide both organizations with access to new markets/customers by exchanging their distribution points, increase customer and staff loyalty of both organizations by providing them with new offerings provided by the partners as well as reducing marketing costs of both organizations by exchanging and combining marketing methods.

Accordingly, CLC would like to offer your respectful organization the following collaboration options:


  1. Discount/special rate/offer for employees and customers (corporate offers)

In exchange of the same discount percentage or a financially equivalent offer to CLCian parents and employees.

Note: corporate offer is valid only for monthly full fees payments.


  1. Professional workshops/sessions/visits/checkups/training/awareness campaigns for CLC’s staff, parents and children

Where the organization offers these for free according to its specialty/field upon the request of CLC’s branches managements whenever needed in exchange to that CLC offers professional advice, parenting sessions or workshops, family counseling meetings to the organization’s employees and customers upon request.



  1. Logos placement

A fixed logo of the organization will always be placed in our frequently used documents and Ads including CLC’s letter head on which all our parents and professional newsletters are printed, CLC’s advertisement flyers, posters, rollups and promotional materials that are used in all our events and marketing activities as well as those placed inside CLC’s branches for branding purposes.

Also the logo will be printed on all employees and student’s ID cards which they use to be admitted inside CLC on daily basis for proving their identity.

This is in exchange of that the organization provides the same for CLC.



  1. Gifts/Discount Vouchers

The organization provides monthly gift/discount vouchers to CLC to be used as presents or rewards for staff/parents/children. CLC should provide an equivalent value of vouchers for the use of the organization.


  1. Online Marketing/Social Media

CLC will be providing the organization with fixed Ads in CLC’s website Ads banner for the whole period of the agreement. As well as frequent periodical Ads (and whenever needed by the organization) on CLC’s official Facebook page (CLC Nursery and Preschool) that currently has around 95,000 fans as of April 2016. This in addition to CLC’s official YouTube channel.

In exchange of the same service provided by the organization for CLC.


  1. Display corner/stand/bulletin board/flyers/rollup

CLC can provide the cooperating organization with special space in its branches’ front offices where the organization can place its rollup, stand, shelf, flyers container or put its ad or poster in the front office bulletin board in exchange to the same service provided for CLC.


  1. Periodical mutual distribution of newsletters and flyers

Whenever required in case of events, promotions, openings that need marketing, the organization can ask CLC for distributing flyers in all children bags or in the front office. Same should be provided for CLC whenever needed.


  1. SMSs, Whatsapp and mailing lists

Whenever required in case of events, promotions, openings that need marketing, the organization can ask CLC for sending SMS, Whatsapp messages or emails to its contacts database. Same should be provided for CLC whenever needed.


  1. Announcement of cooperation

Whenever a cooperation agreement has been signed between CLC and any organization, the collaboration will be announced to customers and employees by all possible means including newsletters, SMSs, Whatsapp messages, Facebook, announcements distributed to all visitors, new comers and new staff members. The organization should provide the same for CLC.


  1. Events Sponsorship

In addition to the regular sponsorship offers that CLC announces whenever an event is being held in any of its branches or the big events where all branches combine, CLC buddies will always be offered a table in anyS event to promote their services to CLC’s events attendees. During events, the organization can talk to the attendees, distribute promotional materials and are eligible of several stage announcements if the event setting supports it.

The organization should receive the monthly calendar of events of all CLC branches at the beginning of every month.

If the organization doesn’t normally hold events, an agreement will be held between CLC and the organization to agree on an alternative.

The organization can participate in the event by providing relevant gifts or giveaways as a means of marketing its products.


  1. Occasional Table/Booth

Whenever needed, CLC and the organization can ask for a location for a table or a booth in the organization’s or CLC’s location to promote a product or a service.


  1. Providing venue/location

Whenever possible CLC can ask the organization to provide a location for hosting any of its services or events. For example, winter or summer camp, a field trip or a playground activity, a meeting or a celebration or a workshop. Also, CLC can provide the organization with a location for holding meetings, gatherings or kids’ activities. In such cases, the hosting entity should provide the needed supporting staff.


  1. Customer Appreciation Events

Every now and then CLC together with its CLCian buddies and partners can plan a customer appreciation event together that maximizes all contact lists and provides an opportunity of sharing and satisfying customers.



Organizations that choose to make use of all the previously mentioned cooperation methods in addition to paying an annual amount of contribution to CLC will be considered as CLCIAN SUCCESS PARTNERS and will receive all the previously mentioned benefits in addition to the following:

  • A big sized logo on the previously mentioned documents, ID cards, printed materials and social media under the title of CLCIAN SUCCESS PARTNERS


  • Clear logo on CLC T-shirts that are used for our summer camp children, Pre-K graduate children and staff members (on special events).


  • A clear partnership logo on CLC’s Billboard which is currently located in a premium location in Maadi.


  • Being always referred to as partners in all our internal and external monthly and annual events.




  • CLC’s team is always ready to provide an orientation about CLC whenever requested by the organization.
  • CLC’s customers and employees should be receiving their special benefits from the organization only by showing their CLCian ID cards. The organization should specify the means by which its employees and customers should prove their belonging to their organization.
  • The cooperation agreement should be subjected to annual renewal specifying the chosen items of cooperation.
  • The agreement becomes invalid whenever one of the 2 parties breaks any of the terms and conditions agreed upon.
  • Samples of the promotional materials are to be presented by both parties whenever produced and periodical visits should be allowed between both parties to make sure all the terms are being applied. Periodical feedback forms can be issued to parents and employees to ensure their satisfaction with their provided services and benefits by the other party.
  • A contact person should be assigned in each of the 2 organizations for continuous follow-up and feedback.
  • The cooperation application and agreement form should be completely filled and officially signed by the cooperating entity.
  • Immediately after signing this agreement, the 2 parties should provide each other with a high resolution Logo of the organization and all marketing materials that will support the agreement.